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Its intentions may be honorable, but “Fools Rush In” is a contrived cross-cultural romantic comedy-drama that trades in superficial ways on the differences between its WASPy leading man and Latina heroine.

Salma Hayek provides the film with what spark it has, and some young femme viewers may be drawn by “Friends” star Matthew Perry, but commercial prospects for this unexceptional entry look modest a best.

Aged 15, Matthew moved to LA to be with his father John Bennett Perry, a successful actor who played the rugged sailor in Old Spice commercials. Graduating from high school with mediocre grades, Matthew was determined to become an actor, although he reassured his father that should he still be out of work in a year's time, he would go to college.

Tennis fell by the wayside after he realised he'd never be the next Jimmy Connors, and the youngster refocused his aspirations on his father's profession. But the future Chandler Bing lucked out, getting cast in several TV sitcoms.

Much of the problem stems from the fact that, rather than adroitly blending comic and serious elements, pic goes one way one moment and another the next, with the filmmakers seemingly unable to settle on a tone and stick with it.

Result is that the intended humorous moments aren’t very funny, while the scenes stressing pathos and drama seem tentative and unconvincing.

Here they are: Fools Rush In: A slight departure from the typical romantic comedy about two people (usually white, monolithic prototypes) who meet and fall in love in a most dramatic, serendipitous way, this movie actually starts with a one night stand yet still ends with marriage.

Luckily, I have a stash of my all-time favorites at my ready that pick me up every time.

The luck, however, didn't last long enough for Matthew to become a household name, as three of the sitcoms were cancelled after 13 weeks. While helping a couple of friends prepare their auditions for the series, Matthew spotted an opportunity.

\"The part of Chandler leapt off the page, shook my hand, and said: ' This is you, man! His final audition took place on a Friday afternoon, and the following Monday he started work on the set. The hottest TV show in the US, Friends enabled the actor to buy a house in the chic Hollywood Hills, play tennis with John Mc Enroe at celebrity charity events, and make the often tricky leap from small to big screen.

Unlike many who go on to be famous actors, Matthew had no dream of treading the boards, but set his sights instead at the tennis court.

Dedicating himself to the game, by the time he was a teenager, he had become the city's Number Two junior player. ',\" Perry senior later told a reporter, remembering his son's first performance at school.

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