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Urinary tract infections (UTIs), pain and swelling of the uterus, venereal disease, menstrual discomfort, and sexual arousal are other uses of kava root.

The list continues, with kava root being applied to the skin for skin diseases like leprosy, to promote wound healing, used as a painkiller and to help with eye-related health issues.

Chances are you would, and that’s why you should know about kava root. Kava root has been used for centuries as medicine as well as a recreational and ceremonial drink in Oceania — however, it’s important to note that there are many concerns regarding kava root.

, common cold and other respiratory tract infections, tuberculosis, muscle pain, and cancer prevention.

Reports circulated Paul has been dating former Miss Nevada USA Helen Salas since April last year -- four months before Paul filed for divorce in August.

But last night, as Paul and Helen arrived to The Ivy for dinner, the couple told us they only met 6 weeks ago ... Paul says things are going great -- and despite reports to the contrary, claims Helen was NEVER his nanny or his babysitter. she's also dating a much younger person -- Rod Stewart's 32-year-old son Sean Stewart.

But we're doing fantastic."As for Terry, his wife Heather Dubrow left last season. "I loved every one-tenth of it and it got us here," Terry laughed.

Terry Dubrow might have something to lose with Lady Gaga's all natural, body-loving message ...

If there was a natural substance that could fight deadly cancer cells yet comes with some potentially harmful side effects, would you want to learn more about it?

The world of online dating will be changing as well.

The following are 3 ways online dating will change in 2017: Dating will Change Back to Being More Actionary The situation with the 2016 election, the economy, healthcare, climate change and the overall feeling that the world is ending is heling people realize they need to participate more actively in what is important, especially is finding a partner.

I am Senior Lecturer at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), vice-director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUIG and head of the Insight Unit for Natural Language Processing.

My main research interests are in the development and use of Natural Language Processing methods and solutions for semantic-based information access.

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