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Tobin described being a vegan as not only a diet, but also a philosophy and a moral code.He said that were he not to go vegan, it may have been a deal breaker for his fiance down the line.The majority of singles who participated in the study — a whopping 72 percent, in fact — reported that they're "turned off" by blatant spelling errors.Example A: using “alot” rather than “a lot.” The correct version is, of course, the latter.People are ending relationships on a regular basis because their partner does not adhere to their dietary guidelines.Clinical Associate Professor at Boston University Joan Salge Blake (@joansalgeblake), and Vegan Kevin Tobin joined Jim on Thursday night to discuss.

She knows of couples where one person eats meat, and the other one doesn't, and they live and eat together in harmony. According to the Globe, diet is the latest deal-breaker for many budding couples.The categories they lay out include vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, Kosher, Paleo, flexitarian (apparently a real thing) and many more.Tobin shared his personal story, of going vegan for love.His fiance is a cruelty free vegan, a diet he has now adopted as he moved in with her.

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