Collector dolls dating

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We had just moved into this apartment, I was searching through Amazon and I found that they had a blue Cinderella doll - she was like 200 bucks - so I took a shot and I bought it.The love was just instant after that and it's been non-stop.'His love of dolls might be fairly recent, but Lazaro is a longtime Disney fan.'Disney's always been a huge part of my life.Madeleine Léger is hard pressed to say which one is her favourite.Which is easy to understand when you realize she has more than 250 vintage dolls in the collection she has amassed over four decades.The Hudson resident says her collection ranges from 1750 to 1910, so there are no plastic Barbie or Skipper dolls here.Léger has been buying dolls from other collectors and estate sales ever since she was given a classic vintage doll by her mother.

While Mario has always harbored a love of dolls, Lazaro's passion only truly emerged in the last few years.'I never really had a big thing for dolls because my sister's a tomboy - so there were never really dolls in the house,' he said.'I got my first doll when I was 24.A gay couple has collected hundreds of official Disney Dolls - worth an incredible ,000.Mario Menendez and his boyfriend Lazaro Roque have been together for six years and bought their first doll - a Cinderella figurine - three years ago, but the duo have spent at least ,000 each on the figures since.The Florida couple bonded over their love for dolls and Disney and now they share their collection with other Disney doll fans on Instagram and You Tube.'The entire collection, Disney and non-Disney, we're talking in the ,000-,000 range,' Lazaro said.The committed collector intends to keep buying the dolls as long as Disney produces them, and doesn't plan to get rid of them in the near future.'Honestly, unless it was like a dire emergency where we needed money quick I don't think I'll ever sell them,' he said.

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